Being asked to shoot a destination wedding is always a big yes, yes yes in my book! So, when Pili + Josh asked me to come along for their wedding weekend in Cartagena, I could hardly contain my excitement!

While it’s extremely common for couples to opt for a local photographer when having a destination wedding, there’s also something to be said about hiring someone that will approach your day with fresh eyes! Changing up my usual surroundings makes me feel extra creative and inspired - and exploring a new environment is just as energizing to me as your photographer than it is for your guests!

Pili + Josh had impeccable taste, so I most definitely expected beauty - but I seriously underestimated how beautiful absolutely every aspect of their wedding weekend was going to be!! Their rehearsal dinner (day 2 of my coverage) was no exception - and Casa Pombo was the perfect backdrop for a night of gourmet tacos, lots of heartfelt speeches and cocktails galore. Here are a few of my favorite moments.