Getting Ready Tips + Tricks


The “getting ready” is one of my favorite parts of your wedding day - the excitement is palpable, you’re getting glammed up with your besties, and it’s the start of the best day ever!


TIP #1: clean, empty space

Admittedly, this is one of the things I totally overlooked for my own wedding, so take it from me when I say that it’s definitely worth thinking about in advance, and super easy to overlook when you’re caught up in the moment (like I was!). Even if your whole getting ready location is crammed with friends + fam, make sure to allocate at least one large space (preferably near a window!) to just you. Imagine getting dressed in this area - do you reaaaallly want tons of Starbucks cups and suitcases in the background of your photos?


Tip #2: set aside your important objects (ahead of time)

There are definitely big, obvious details and objects like, say, your wedding dress, that we will photograph during your getting ready + most definitely won’t forget! BUT. We strongly advise for you to think ahead and consider all of the smaller things you might be wearing, carrying or gifting that you’d like us to capture! Keep all of your objects in a separate, safe place and when we arrive, let us know where this is ! We’ll ensure that everything there gets photographed to the best of our ability.

Here are some suggestions for things you might want to set aside:

Rings, invitation suite, vows, cufflinks, all jewelry being worn, bouquet, shoes, shoes, heirlooms, perfume/cologne bottle, wedding party gifts, couple gifts, boutonnieres.


Tip #3: consider the light

My work is bright and airy, and I can pretty much guarantee that most of the work you see in my portfolio would look drastically different were it not for the sun :) While we can definitely make flash work if need be, consider the light in terms of aesthetics if the reason you’re drawn to my images is because of the bright feel!


Tip #4: Bring on the entourage!

You may not be able to picture it now, but in the moment, it feels really, really good to be surrounded by your loved ones while you’re getting ready to marry the love of your life! Make a playlist for whatever your vibe is (calm & chill is SO fine! You definitely don’t need a crazy dance party, though thats always fun too), pop the bubbly and let the love fest begin.