Midtown Wedding / Getting Ready

One of the most underrated part of a wedding day is the getting ready part. To be honest, it's one of my favorite parts of the day. The anticipation is building, everyone is buzzing and the energy is always, always euphoric. Nervousness is part of it too, but it's the good kind of nervousness. It's more butterflies than barf-ies, and the build up is truly such a joy to be part of! You're surrounded by loved ones, you're primping, you're about to marry the love of your life! 

What better feeling is there than that?!

The getting ready and the first look were my favorite part of Sarah & Elliott's day. I spent my getting ready time with the boys as they primped (in the manliest way possible of course - there's always whiskey nearby for a nervous groom) and it was so much fun to watch Elliott's face light up when he saw Sarah for the first time in her (gorgeous) gown.

Congrats you two!