City Hall Wedding / J + S

I am a sucker for romance, and I have to say - there is something SO romantic to me about city hall weddings. I know it sounds weird coming from me, lover-of-over-the-top-and-perfectly-exectuted-wedding-decor, but beyond the paperwork and fluorescent lighting, there is a genuine quality to a city hall wedding that I think is majorly underrated and sometimes lacking in your typical  wedding celebration.

Juliana and Shivanck-JPEG-0242.jpg

My favorite part of spending the day in the courthouse (because it really is almost a full day - those lines are loooong) is sitting back and watching each couple and their respective entourage (or lack thereof) buzz with excitement, waiting for their number to be called and then finally (finally!)  being summoned into that bright pink room to say their vows.

As you can imagine, NYC city hall is brimming with couples from all walks of life. Some arrive with a full on-wedding party in princess style dresses and tuxes -  others arrive in jeans and sweatshirts, with no one else even there to snap a post-nupital wedding shot for them.

 I think the thing that really attracts me about a city hall wedding is that it is probably the simplest way that a couple can declare their love and commitment to each other. It's not about anyone else but them and the bond they share,  and there is nothing more romantic than that! (.....other than the California desert wedding I will someday have, of course!...)

Anyway, enter J + S, who happen to be the sweetest and a perfect example of everything I mention above. The love and excitement between them was truly a joy to witness, and I felt so lucky to be able to capture their special day alongside their closest friends and family. 

Congratulations you two, I wish you all the best!