travel + videos

should be packing for my flight in a few hours, but rainy, muggy weather makes it so hard to be productive! I've been sipping a latte for what seems like hours now just to avoid having to officially start my day!  Lucky for me, I'm flying straight into sunny, 81 degree weather (!!!!!!!)  very, very soon, so expect full productivity mode to kick in & this blog to finally pick up!

I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends, family and my beautiful home state. I am on vacation from work until mid-January, and I plan on NOT checking work related email at all on this trip…which sounds great in theory, but it's giving me so much anxiety! It's been ages since I've truly disconnected, so I know that I need to take this time and enjoy every second of it! 

B & I will be taking a little road trip up the coast to San Francisco next weekend, and then driving back down to spend New Years' Eve at a secret location (he doesn't know where yet, so I'll save that one for later!), just the two of us. I was hellbent on keeping it quiet and love-y this year so I took on the planning for this one. I want to welcome 2014 with a delicious home cooked meal, good wine, my man and some wideeeee open space - the opposite of New York, basically! 

In the meantime, though, I will say that it's been a lovely last morning in Brooklyn! B's working through this weekend, so I've been shamelessly indulging in my favorite guilty pleasure all morning, which I want to share below.

The only thing I love more than shooting a beautiful wedding is a watching a beautiful wedding video. I know what you're thinking - almost all of my friends eye roll when I gush or send them one of these…but when done right, they resonate with me as much as a good photograph does. There's an art to making a really great, short wedding film - they've come a lonnnng way since those terribly produced videos your parents have made you watch as a kid! I love the build up to the big moment and the fluidity of film - the music, all of it. Gush gush gush.

I would love to try my hand at one some day, but for now, I love indulging in other people's love stories (which is the core of my love for all of these things!) and seeing it through someone else's eyes. Here are a few of my favorites! Happy tears.