Kathy & Jon

Some of you may recognize Kathy & Jon, whose city hall wedding I'd previously posted a few months ago. While I was lucky enough to capture their first (of 3!) weddings, I was even luckier in that my dear friends asked me to officiate their third and final Brooklyn wedding. 

Obviously this is a huge honor, and while I never expect to shoot a friend's wedding (everyone wants their friends to have fun and not work on their special day, of course!), when Kathy told me that they decided NOT to have a photographer capture their "getting ready" moments, I could not resist and just happeneddddd to bring my camera along to take some "snapshots" (in between ironing my own dress and doing my own makeup that is!) of my buds while we prepared for their big moment.

The Wythe Hotel is one of my favorite places ever, so it was even more of a treat to capture them in one of the most beautiful places in Brooklyn as they got ready with their families.

 Thanks for letting me be a total photo creep! Congratulations you two!