Chris & Heather 

When the fabulous Meg Miller invited me along to second shoot this Bear Mountain wedding, I knew I was in for a beautiful Fall day, but I seriously couldn't have imagined a more perfect setting.

Aside from being classicly east coast beautiful (California cannot compete with fall foliage!) the weather was perfect, the details were perfectly executed and the Bride & Groom couldn't have been more excited to tie the knot!

Chris and Heather's friends and family truly made this a fun celebration of this couple's love! Complete with a "how to keep the bride happy" instructional (pizza and new boots) and a Madonna serenade (performed in a nun costume, no less), Heather and Chris's friends displayed some SERIOUS love for the couple - it was great to capture so much Penn State love!! Photos just don't do their party spirit enough justice.

Congrats Chris and Heather!